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Haida Wild

Haida Wild is committed to sourcing the highest quality sustainably caught seafood from the pristine resources of Haida Gwaii. Every step in the production process is performed meticulously, often by hand, with great care and attention to quality. As a result we have earned the reputations of providing only the very best.

Haida Wild’s proximity to the fishing grounds provides them with the ability to buy directly off of the boat. This allows them to process the fish within hours of delivery and have it blast frozen as soon as possible, thus leading to superior quality fish in terms of color, texture and flavor. A select group of commercial fishermen have been hand selected for their consistent quality and excellent care-of-catch. Haida Wild treats the fishermen with respect and compensates them fairly. The Haida Wild fishing methods also significantly reduce bycatch and promote the belief that there are no ‘undesirable’ species.