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Situated in the fertile Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Wayward Distillery has led the charge in honey-based spirits since 2014. Each of their spirits is crafted on a base of sustainable honey, supporting local agriculture and getting a little Unruly while doing it!

Fairmont Waterfront and ARC Restaurant + Bar proudly embraces sustainability, the environment and our community. Our rooftop garden and apiary produces over twenty varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible blossoms and has been home to a quarter of a million honeybees since 2008. 

With so many similarities in each of our ethos, it only seemed natural to partner up to create a signature gin!

In celebration of indigenous West Coast fauna, we have crafted our unique Fairmont Waterfront x Wayward Distillery West Coast Wild Gin from fermented honey from our rooftop, and traditionally harvested local botanicals including juniper, nootka rose, bull kelp, spruce tips, cedar and lavender.

We use this gin in a number of cocktails in our bar, including everyone's favourite show piece, the Flaming Rosemary Gimlet - because who doesn't love a little pyrotechnics when they order a drink?

Pop in and try our gin next time you're in our neighbourhood!